GMO Debate: "Pro Side Wins"?

This is a VERY long debate. The Popular science headline announces that the "Pro" side wins. I'm not so sure. But it is a good venue to hear both sides of the argument. The science argument, at least. The debate seems to have been framed to exclude economic, political, and intellectual property -- for example, the moderator passes on a question about copyright in the Q&A, about 1:08.

There's a very interesting moment at 1:10, when the Monsanto executive says that GMO regulation is based on generations of experience creating and regulating hybrid plants through selective breeding. In my opinion, this is the big issue. Genetically modified crops are not the same as hybrids. And modifying a crop so that it requires a second product to grow, which you also happen to own, is not the same as breeding a hybrid strain. Suing farmers who did not use your product, because windblown pollen inserts your patented genes into their plants, is not the same as breeding a hybrid. I think if some of these issues had been within the scope of this debate, it would have been a much more interesting conversation.